Reverse Mortgage

For homeowners 62 or older

Reverse Mortgage


  • A reverse mortgage will not affect social security or Medicare benefits

  • Reverse mortgage proceeds are not subject to federal income taxes*

  • Reverse mortgage recipients keep ownership of their home

  • A reverse mortgage may be subject to credit or income qualification

  • A Reverse Mortgage is a FHA loan program

Providing sensible solutions for seniors

A reverse mortgage is a loan that allows a senior homeowner (age 62 and above) to access the cash equity in their home without selling the house or paying additional monthly bills. The money can be used for anything, such as paying for medical needs, daily living expenses, home repairs, travel, or simply enhancing the quality of their retirement years. The amount that you can qualify for depends on age, the current value of the home, and current interest rates. A full or partially funded portion of proceeds may be required for payment of property taxes and insurance. In general, the older you are and the more valuable your home, the more money you’re eligible to receive.

* Please consult your tax advisor regarding tax implications. Talk to a reverse mortgage loan officer. Available for Seniors age 62 and older. Home must be occupied as principal residence, required taxes and insurance paid and make all necessary repairs to avoid deterioration of the property. When the house is sold, the loan, along with any interest and fees, are paid to the lender. Any remaining equity belongs to the heirs. This website has not been reviewed, approved or issued by HUD, FHA or any other governmental agency.

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