Employee Spotlight: Sheri Husser

Employee Spotlight: Sheri Husser

Introducing a new monthly series, Employee Spotlight, where we'll be introducing the professionals behind The Towne Family. Sheri Husser, a strong leader in the mortgage industry, was the perfect choice for our first feature. Sheri has worked extremely hard to make a name for herself, touching every part of the loan process, throughout her almost 30 years in the industry.

Enjoy the first Employee Spotlight and stay tuned for next month's feature to learn more about who, and what, makes us your local lender.

What is your title?

Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer at TowneBank Mortgage.

Describe your typical workday?

I work directly with the CEO & President of TowneBank Mortgage to manage the daily activities of the company, ensure operations are running smoothly, and that support is being provided where it's needed - which could be in processing, underwriting, shipping, or even facilities. We want to be confident that the highest level of customer service is always being provided to our clients.

It is my job to ensure that the operations team continues to stay focused on providing all customers - both internal and external - with the exceptional service that they expect and deserve.

How long have you been with TowneBank Mortgage?

I have been with TowneBank Mortgage for 18 years.

Where did your career with TowneBank Mortgage begin?

I began my journey at TowneBank Mortgage in 2004 as Operations Manager. As the company grew and expanded - I grew with it - eventually stepping into the role of Regional Operations Manager and overseeing larger territories. After TowneBank merged with Monarch Bank in 2016, my role evolved into Director of Operations which has since led me to Chief Operating Officer.

What did you study in school?

I was born and raised in Chesapeake, Virginia, where I attended Great Bridge High School. I received my Bachelor's in accounting from Virginia Tech and quickly realized public accounting was not my passion. However, I was able to utilize that skill set and accounting background to my benefit when entering the mortgage industry.

Did you have prior exposure to the mortgage industry?

After the realization that public accounting was not for me - and a short stint in Roanoke, Virginia - I took on a temp position at a mortgage company in Virginia Beach around 1993-1994. I started in processing and applied my skill set in accounting to work my way up. I gained experience in everything from quality control, operations, secondary marketing, and suspense - to underwriting.

I actually worked with Will Morrison, the current Chairman & CEO of TowneBank Mortgage, at Resource Bank prior to taking a job with Towne. When the merger with Monarch Bank occurred in 2016, Will and I reunited under TowneBank Mortgage.

What is the best part of your job?

The people. Towne is built on togetherness - and our teams really support one another and the community. We don't just work here - we live here - and we want to contribute to the community's overall wellbeing. One of the most rewarding volunteer experiences I've had with Towne is participating in the Salvation Army's Christmas Depot. Working directly with families as their personal shopper to make their holiday special is extremely rewarding. The fulfillment of giving back to the community that I live and work in, and the solidarity in the workplace, contribute to my love for my job and make the Towne difference.

Who are your role models?

It's difficult to name one person, as so many people shape who you are throughout the years. Those individuals that have believed in me, supported me along the way, provided me with invaluable guidance, and helped me to achieve what I've achieved today are the ones that stand out to me. I truly admire brave, strong women leaders - so many that I've been fortunate enough to look up to within Towne and my time spent in the mortgage industry.

How do you maintain a work/life balance?

It's taken a long time for me to find that balance. I've learned to be protective of family time. I work very hard to not bring work home. It's important for me to dedicate the same amount of effort and energy that I put into my work, into my family, when I'm away from the office. 

How do you enjoy spending time when you're not at work?

Music and concerts bring me joy. I love to travel with my family - especially to the Outer Banks. I do believe it's important to step away from the office when you're beginning to feel burnt out and take some time off.

What was your first-time home buyer experience?

My husband and I bought our first home in 1997 when our son was one (he's 26 now) and we never left! We worked hard to save money for a down payment. We were able to put 5% down at the time and had to pay mortgage insurance. Over the years, our house changed to fit our needs - we added a second story and have since renovated the kitchen about 3 times. It's really the true definition of making your current home your dream home - plus I hate moving!

What advice do you have for home buyers during this time?

Don't give up! I sympathize with those trying to buy right now but remember that buying a home is still an investment. The right home will come along - it just might take some time.